Monday, September 19, 2011

And In the Morning, I'm making Waffles!

Can't help it. Shrek is one of my favoritest cartoons ever. Shrek's sarcasm, Fiona's tomboyness, and then this guy. Who I think of every time I make waffles.

Which, isn't ever. Until tonight. (Ohhh that sounded foreboding!) Anyway, a few weeks ago Target had waffle makers on clearance. So I figured, eh, why not. So I purchased a black George Foreman waffle maker, put in in a cupboard, and promptly forgot about it. However, one of my co-workers who knew I bought it wouldn't let me forget. "Did you make waffles yet?" "Break in that waffle maker yet?" "Are you EVER going to use that thing?"

As I explained to him, I don't have a clue how - Mom takes care of that stuff. All I know is that it's non-kosher to use a boxed mix (and you'll notice that I've had issues with those premade foods before). So after enough nagging I Googled "best waffle recipe ever" and found a recipe that looked decent. So I told Josh that I had found a recipe and he could quit worrying now, thanks for being concerned about my waffle maker ;). But oh no, that wasn't enough, Josh then said since I had a recipe I should MAKE the waffles too! (Proof that guys can never be pleased!) ;) Fine, fine, ok. Went shopping. Bought ingredients. Does anyone realize exactly how many types of flour there are? Wheat flour! Bread flour! All-purpose flour! Tall! Decaf! Cappuccino! (That one's for you, Mom.) I got all-purpose. Even though waffles are a type of bread and should therefore use bread flour. However, in order to be more nutritious and health conscious (oooh look at me using big words!), wheat flour may have been a better choice. Beats me.

There. Now I have a waffle maker, waffle recipe, and waffle ingredients. Think Josh is happy now? Oh no. "Why haven't you made waffles yet?" Good gravy. So I decided that tonight was a good waffle night.

First, the waffle maker. Pretty, isn't it?

And of course the batter is next to it. Don't ask me what's in it. I have no idea. All-purpose flour maybe? According to the destructions (or instructions, if you're not me. Which you're not, which is good cause that would be so awkward. Sorry, rabbit trail...) one should first rub vegetable oil on the waffle maker with a paper towel. Then one should plug it in and turn it on and allow it to preheat. Next one (does anyone else get annoyed by the third-person stuffiness?) Next one I poured in some batter, skimping a bit because the destructions warned me that I should NOT pour in too much. How much is too much? No one ever gives specifics. I NEED DETAILS, PEOPLE!

Anyway, this is the first waffle...

Yeah not quite done. Apparently Mr. Foreman had a slight issue in regulating heat throughout the entire waffle maker. Oh well. The all-knowing destructions say to throw out the first one anyway, because it soaks up all the oil I rubbed on with the paper towel. Pshht yeah right. It was tasty ;)

I'm not a syrup eater. I don't like it. It's super sweet and super sticky. Gross. No, if I'm going to eat breakfast food for supper, I would like some protein with it. So I made a white sauce and threw in some super-oniony/garlicky ground beef to make pure deliciousness in every bite. But now the question is, do the waffles and the gravy taste good together? Taste-testing! :)

 Yummy deliciousness :) I love white-sauce anything. Yeah I'll probably die when I'm 35, but it's so worth it!

The next waffles turned out better, thought Mr. Foreman's heat regulation is clearly going to be a problem. More experimenting to come :) Anyway, that's all the pictures I have because I got a little distracted eating... my only other comment on the experience is, does anyone have any clue how hard it is to clean a stupid waffle maker?!?!?!


  1. Ooh, waffles! I like waffles, but we don't have a waffle maker at my house :P Regarding cleaning stupid waffle could try doing what I do at work on those wonderful days when I do breakfast clean up, and that is: turn off the waffle maker. Get a wet rag (or washcloth). Put it inside the waffle maker, and shut the top...lid? Door? Hinge? Half? Whatever it's called, shut it and let it sit and steam for a while. Theoretically, this softens the waffle batter that's still inside. I leave it in for a couple hours until I remember to take it out (typically before I leave work). You might need to do more cleaning afterward, but we never do.

  2. Nice! Your posts always make me laugh. And I'm finally on my computer on the internet, so I can follow you! Also, the temperature regulating may have been why they were on sale. Just sayin'! ;)

  3. Tall! Decaf! Capaccino!

    The very thought empowers me.

    Now I want waffles with garlicky white sauce... maybe with sausage in it. ;)